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Activity Summary


Use of GMP methodology with full qualification and validation procedures. Development of and use of risk management methods in admin' and production processes.
Production Production managment with development responsibilities and targets. Three years full time being responsible for shop floor simulation project implementation.

Technical Responsibilities

Ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing full laboratory testing and certification

Technical development.

Quality Assurance

Nondestructive testing.

Nadcap accreditation.

Technical surveillance and audit of raw material suppliers Principle quality melters and hot workers of primary products in the USA, Russia, Europe and companies in China and India including stainless steel and titanium meltshops, casting and primary processing-slabs, billets and hot extrusions.

Standards, procedures and risk management.  
Management of new standards, Implementation of quality approvals etc

Technical Papers
ISO EN9100 issues A

Similar qualifications for medical, offshore, and power generation and nuclear products, semi conductor plant tubing and companies.

Pier Group reviewed papers on Titanium crystalographic structure development and papers on certain corrosion aspects of supper duplex stainless steels.
Technical Sales and purchasing support for all the above activities in the US, India, China, Russia, Japan, most European countries including Poland and Sweden and Norway.

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