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If you are developing procedures to deform, heat treat and perform associated operations on Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys Stainless Steel alloys and Zirconium alloys - Promet Consulting may be able to help - especially if you are anywhere in the supply chain for making tubes or strip including ancillary items like tooling, equipment, control methods and general works management.

The company formally started trading in April 2011 when the founder Andy Houghton, pictured right, became available after working continuously in the whole supply chain for some 48 years.

Andy is a dedicated industrial metallurgist and would like to help you reduce your manufacturing risks and costs whilst advising you on the feasibility and risks associated with new ventures. A more detailed account of his experience is available on page two and a full CV is a available following discussions. He has been involved at or near the 'coal face' all his life and is a specialist in several areas. e.g he has produced hundredsof new or revised process routes for demanding appliations such as nuclear, medica, offshore and aerospace. Cold pilger tooling profile designs are a speciality.

In this industry, metallurgical and organisational risks are difficult to spot, where as new opportunities are easily overlooked. There are often several alternatives and sometimes the best option looks different depending on which function in an organisation you are working for. Strongly functional or very flat structures may make it difficult to produce a unified business strategy - especially when there is doubt about the metallurgical concepts or where interpretation of a specification can profoundly affect outcomes. An experienced outsider can help.

Suppliers can have the right technologies but not always at the right price or quality. Help in this area can be a deciding factor in a project and money spent on technical surveillance and technical analysis of the value stream may well move a loss making product into profit.

If you are manufacturing equipment that is used to make cold worked products or if you are making semi-finished hot worked products and wish to sell in the UK or Europe a committed agency or help in finding one is something we can help with.

As an alloy processor you may have concerns about your organisation's configuration; how best to develop a skill base and how to meet quality assurance requirements at minimum cost. We have experience of arrangements that work and those that don't. We may also be able to help with technical sales and marketing.

Andy says:

With a long period of recession behind us industrial metallurgical issues are often an issue as new projects begin to be considered around the world. Material shortages, environmental concerns, engineering and metallurgical breakthroughs all contribute to changes in the industry's economics and shortage of metallurgical resources is often a neglected element until it is too late. The western world perhaps lags behind in the training of industry based metallurgists which may often give the 'third world' economies a competative edge.

Over the last four years I have spent a lot of time applying my manufacturing knowledge of a wide range of materials where the need for help is clearly present.

Please email me or phone at the following :

cell +44(0)7872455550

  • Andy keeps old age at bay by running at near national standard for age and Cycling in the sportives in his local area. Promet Consulting Ltd have also sponsored a young local modern pentathlon athlete Alice Rodgers. We hope this small gesture will nourish a great future for her.

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